25 December 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus !

The last time I checked the calender said 2009.

Religion; I respect it and all, but seriously? Acting on your beliefs? Who does that ? that's just ludacris right ?
I happen to think so anyway and that why I like the Jedi church. It's based on a movie for kids (Star Wars) and it takes the piss out of religion.
At least I guess that it does..

I hope your party isn't lame J.C.
I wrote this blog days ago, Right now I'm in Italy visiting my family and friends, please don't rob my house while I'm away.

21 December 2009

Music was my first love

and it will be my last..

I'm starting up this other blog where I just spend my time sharing music.

Sure, no new concept, Trying to expand whatever interests you might have. Because every day there is new music to be discovered.

I'll soon announce more about this

19 December 2009

44% of Americans like SM

The actual poll said 44% of Americans want Bush back, but it basically tells you the same thing right..?

Ahh !! That hurts..
Hit me..


You gotta love democracy..

I apologize for not posting all that time. I was away, getting educated like the good little schoolboy that I am ! Now it's holiday time !

17 December 2009

What happened

If Berlusconi would have been in jail where he belonged, nothing would have happened ;)

10 December 2009

We need death matches now

I keep getting bugged by the news,talk radio and also the discovery channel about organized violence spreading to football stadiums and also at other venues where people meet. For some reason people are bored and just want to fight with each other in big groups.

You can wait for these people to find themselves a fucking soul but that will take forever, so here is what I came up with, perhaps not a very popular idea, but I think this is worth expressing.

Just hear me out..

First, If people want to bang their skulls together, FINE !! Let them get on with it, don't try to fight it! For thousands of years people have done so, it's not likely that this will change through force. Trying to control organized violence will only cause more problems, like hooliganism in football stadiums and we all want to see dads be able to bring their sons to football matches.

Build Death match arena's. Lets say huge cages. 100mx100m? Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
No weapons and let them pay for a ticket to cover the expenses of the arena + let them sign a contract making them responsible for their own injuries or deaths.

Funerals are not even necessary, because people will not care. Friends? Haha, these people are very likely to have no friends. And the people that are their friends probably participate in the same type of recreation, therefore will die themselves sooner or later. So we can skip the ceremonials.

Plus it saves a lot of cemetery space. I think if possible organs can be harvested. The rest of the human flesh can be put in giant meat grinders and can be fed to the animals.

Sick ? You know what I think is sick ? We stuff our animals with food so we can eat more meat but we don't feed our hungry people.
That's sick.

So I suggest a knockout tournament system, much like the world cup football, it gives a whole new meaning to the term "sudden death".

09 December 2009

Are they are fucking with us in Kopenhagen? Climate summit Day 2

Kopenhagen UN Climate summit: Day 2
Hey! Here is a question for ya, I hope you can help me out cause this is really starting to bug me.

Who are all those people driving around with their Hummers on mars, jupiter, neptune, saturn, mercury, venus (fuck, what's the other planet I'm leaving out ?) ?

Because NASA and The Russian space observatory agree (note: an issue where the Russians and Americans actually agree with eachother..!) that our ENTIRE solar system is suffering from climate change and that the change seen on earth is very similar.

So you have to ask; how did co2 get on the other planets ?

Goddamnit !

The Answer is that co2 is not the sole cause of the rising temperatures, but that's hardly interesting. Think of the possible opportunities if you could blame the whole of mankind !

Al Gore only looked at the earth. Neglecting the universe and forgot to mention the sun (Al got an oscar for his "documentary"..), blaming us humans 100%.
Conservatively they (NASA& Russians..) think between 1 and 2% of this change is due to human activity. To be even more conservative, lets just ad a zero at the end of those figures, and you are still not near the level of guilt that Al Gore wants you to feel.

I've got so much climate stuff that I think I am going to counter the media and come up with a different angle on the climate every day of the convention.

07 December 2009

Always carry your mobile phone and never switch it off

I heard this story on the radio today, so naturally I had to google it. Here you go:

The mobile phone as self-inflicted surveillance
And if you don't have one, what have you got to hide?

NOT using your cellphone is suspect behaviour, I hope you realize that.
If you have a cellphone but don't have it on you, you are likely to be up to something.. ! Woah, that's some profound shit they just came up with

What is the world coming to ? Not long before you are required to have a cell so you can be tracked ?¿? Not really, but this is stupid beyond words.

Beware my little droogies, I might be up to something, as it happens a lot that I turn my cell off or that I leave it at home, just what kind of revolution am I hoping to unleash before tomorrow morning?

(as I now have more reason to believe that I probably am watched; I WAS JOKING!)

I felt like a little criminal today

I didn't commit any crimes. But I had my fingerprints taken and stored in a Biometric database. I was renewing my ID card.

On the plus side; I feel a lot safer! I'm looking forward to my first decent nap in years !

Sarcasm set aside, as of now Dutch, but also European law, prohibits it's use as a investigative tool to find suspects. It can only be used for Identification for already imprisoned suspects. But that's the current situation.

There are several law suits on the way and on the other side some politicians wish to expand on these powers. It's certain that things are going to change, but will they change for the better or for the worse ?

Fuck confucius

it's time to evolve ideas