31 August 2009

Government bankruptcy

Lately our television sets have been telling us that the economic situation is about to improve. But there have been voices countering that, now the world famous Dr. Marc Faber says it, so the message carries that extra -OEMPHF- your looking for to make a news story work for ya.

The Message

What it boils down to is this
The situation was shit a long time ago. Thanks to the creation of money supply. It's not that odd, the creation of money has a dark side after all. Since the crisis has started the measures that were taken have only tried to effect the short term positively, but in reality it has only effected our longterm future negatively. They tried to solve the crisis with the causes of the crisis.. Ofcourse that couldn't work. So the measures taken around the world have been disastrous. And we will experience its effects in the following years.

For several reasons I subscribe to his views on economics. I like his analysis, though he has a reputation and people like to call him Dr. Doom because of his pessimistic views. If you want my advice, take care of yourself and your family and get out of speculative stuff and try to own some assets. But don't by gold because people tell you you need to buy gold, try to only do those things that you understand before you get into it.