20 March 2010


a movie about journalism. A great movie about journalism.


17 March 2010

Dr. Doom talks

The intro and subtitles are in Dutch but the interview itself is in english.

Daniel Kahneman on Happiness


Is this about getting you into control grids ? Or is this about your safety ?

American Judge Napolitano (pretty famous guy who I've written about before) covers the Biometric ID system.

'Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety and will loose both'. Benjamin Franklin

16 March 2010

Heineken Italy - Case study

for me this is a funny thing. I'm italian and watching your local team is like a religion over there.

12 March 2010

Why Italy faces a derivatives time bomb

Remember that you first heard about it right here !

Ian Simpson
March 11, 2010

Financial markets are gripped by the role derivatives have played in Greece’s debt crisis, but Italy also has a derivatives time bomb, and hundreds of cities are in the €24-billion blast zone.


Why the U.S. can't inflate its way out of debt

Jeanne Sahadi
CNN Money
March 11, 2010

NEW YORK — It’s dawning on people that getting a handle on burgeoning U.S. debt will be a long and hard process.

So if lawmakers can’t agree on a credible plan, some have suggested that the country could just “inflate its way” out of its fiscal ditch.

The idea: Pursue policies that boost prices and wages and erode the value of the currency.

The United States would owe the same amount of actual dollars to its creditors — but the debt becomes easier to pay off because the dollar becomes less valuable.


11 March 2010

Passionate politician

My favorite republican..

10 March 2010

"It was the right decision"

Gordon Brown always gives me a chuckle when he speaks.

07 March 2010

Soviet America

What is the Russian perspective on the 'big empire' ?

another perspective on our problems in the west. Not necessarily mine. Always interesting to hear.

05 March 2010

Rewriting history; propaganda

A new Hollywood film that features the 2008 war in South Ossetia has sparked controversy as to whether it is an unbiased portrayal of historical events or another attempt at political propaganda.

First of.
After the war there was a European Union inquiry into the war that concluded that "Georgia ignited the conflict by attacking separatists in South Ossetia, but that Russia had provoked violence in the enclave for years and exploited its consequences. "
That's a direct quote from the international herald tribune from october 1st, 2009
(as a student you can easily apply for a kickass discount subscription to this great newspaper, I really recommend it).

The report finds no evidence that a Russian invasion was under way on Aug. 7, 2008, when Georgia ordered the shelling of the South Ossetian capital, Tskihinvali. It says Georgia broke international law by using force against Russian peacekeepers stationed in the city, and that the Russian Army had legal grounds to defend the peacekeepers. But the report says Russia "went far beyond the reasonable limits of defense" in undertaking a drive outside South Ossetia that violated international law and was "not even remotely commensurate with the threat to Russian peacekeepers."

According to one critic, Danny Schecter, we are “in an age of media grazing”.
“The problem is that often people are going to shorten and shorten news bits,” Schecter told RT. “People are just looking for a little more source of information about things they already know.”
Schecter says this is a problem because it is news industries job to provide information the public is not aware of.
“That sort of defeats the whole aim of the news industry because partly we are here to tell people stuff that they don’t know about,” he says.

Napoleon said; History is written by the winners. But do we really appreciate what he was trying to tell us ?

tv is dead

If you are, like me, bored with staring at the empty blank faces of the people on the train and you just happen to own something that plays videos, get this.
It converts all the videos you can 'get' online to the handheld devices that all of us seem to own these days.


let's go, the decade is on.

02 March 2010

The other side of hamas

I'm not supporting Hamas, but is there another side to the story that is not being told ? Eric Margolis is an American-born journalist and writer and he brings you this mini documentary.

"Hamas is a national liberation movement." When put under pressure these groups of people tend to turn to terrorism. Look at the history of the Tamils in Sri Lanka (most prolific terrorist organization I believe).

I taped this documentary on terrorism a few weeks ago but I only saw it this weekend. I was hearing about the history of the Tamils while I was seeing these images of armed guys running through the woods and I was thinking too myself. Gee, what a bunch of funking idiots ! What are they doing ?

How can someone ever become so lost. Again, watch the power of nightmares (BBC) !!

Anyway, I love the point that is made that Israel at one time supported Hamas. It's a common tactic as a way to divide your enemy. Lots of the times it backfires however, like in this case.