23 February 2010

Iran continued

I like this video. Here is a girl who has taken her time to inform herself and to think about something and she gives an elaborate and passionate presentation of her view on the whole situation.

here is the video description she refers to. DEFINITELY CHECK OUT THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES as I encouraged you to do so earlier.
The Main stream media is painting a dark picture of Iran, whilst Israel and the US are on war footing.
However IAEA has stated that Irans nuclear programs are peaceful. Is the green revolution CIA sponsored? Have we forgotten how media and politicians (Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney) have accused both Afghanistan and Iraq of having weapons of mass destruction? And are we gonna fall in the same trap, 3 times?
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 3 times.... ???

All videos are annotated, so just click a video and be taken directly to the full length YT video.

Article 1;
"Iran's plan will probably be stopped by a regime change or, if there is no other choice, by recourse to force to deprive Iran of its nuclear arms production capabilities," Yaalon told a security conference in Herzliya.

Article 2;
whilst Israel and the US are on a war footing they may also possible carry out strikes on Gaza, Lebanon and Syria during 2010. As with all conflicts the whole purpose is to divide and conquer and Israel is right in the middle of a very unstable area. Should they choose to carry out such action this could well see the end of Israel.

BBC Documentary, The power of Nightmares
PART 1; http://video.google.com/videoplay?doc...

PART 2; http://video.google.com/videoplay?doc...

PART 3; http://video.google.com/videoplay?doc...

15 February 2010

Dick Cheney Forgets His Oath?

I'm not posting much lately am I ? I should really check out how I can post stuff on here via my phone, that would be neat.


I've demonstrated my objections against Dick Cheney earlier, here is some random youtube guy who feels the same but since has watched Dick Cheney closely, whereas I did other stuff in the meantime.

The video explains itself, I happen to think that it's a deliberate act and that it's a big deal. (listen closely and consciously)

there are REALarticles in the making. Just don't get round to finishing them.

I always seem to be starting new projects, I never finish, why is that ?

06 February 2010

What GNP means

By Robert F. Kennedy

"Too much and too long, we seem to have surrendered community excellence and community values in the mere accumulation of material things. Our gross national product ... if we should judge America by that - counts air pollution and cigarette advertising, and ambulances to clear our highways of carnage. It counts special locks for our doors and the jails for those who break them. It counts the destruction of our redwoods and the loss of our natural wonder in chaotic sprawl. It counts napalm and the cost of a nuclear warhead, and armored cars for police who fight riots in our streets. It counts Whitman's rifle and Speck's knife, and the television programs which glorify violence in order to sell toys to our children.

"Yet the gross national product does not allow for the health of our children, the quality of their education, or the joy of their play. It does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages; the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of our public officials. It measures neither our wit nor our courage; neither our wisdom nor our learning; neither our compassion nor our devotion to our country; it measures everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile. And it tells us everything about America except why we are proud that we are Americans."